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Hailey Banda Ceramics

Hailey Banda Artist Statement
     I create stylized utilitarian work to enhance an individual’s day and to create a connection between the handmade object and the user. My artwork expresses the feeling of happiness and relaxation through the forms and decorations that I utilize. I incorporate a combination of techniques in my ceramics such as stamping, handbuilding, and wheel throwing to highlight uniqueness of the handmade object.
     The patterns I use are inspired by my mother’s interior decorating style. She makes our home welcoming and cozy by using different floral patterns, swirls on the furniture, and comforting colors to decorate our family home. I incorporate these elements in my pottery to give back the sense of happiness and relaxation that I feel when I am home.

Ever-advancing my skills and perspective by creating

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unique handbuilt and 

wheel thrown ceramics. 

Hailey Banda